Saturday, August 25, 2007

you can't make a rocket out of salami and gun powder

Sydney (age 9) is completely addicted to the show Myth Busters. Now, first I must make the official disclaimer that we haven't had tv for a few years now. We are a family that has tv for a year or two and then doesn't have tv for a year or three and either way works with us. I recently decided to try tv again because there was a good deal on it if you bought the internet/phone/tv package and because Syd seems to learn very well from that medium as did her brother when he was that age. So yes, for now we have tv. Okay back to my story. So Syd is sick today and has been watching Myth Busters all day. I asked her if she just watches that show all day long. She informed me that no, it is only on one or two days per week. I asked her if when it was on would she watch it all day. She said yes. I asked her if she was learning anything from it. Of course, she says. When I questioned further she hesitated and said, "I am learning science." Spoken like a true unschooler! When I asked for examples she again hesitated and then proudly announced that she has learned that you shouldn't put a jawbreaker in the microwave. Why? It will explode, der. She also informed that she has learned that you cannot make a rocket out of a salami and gunpowder.

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